Good/New: Django Django, hello hello.

Django Django

Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll run Hype Machine in the background of whatever I’m working on. Hype Machine, if you aren’t familiar, aggregates new music from blogs and Twitter shares, bringing you a fun little playlist of the newest, most buzzed-about music making its way around the interwebs. For all its ambition, however, Hype Machine mostly delivers a lot of unsk unsk unsk  – unremarkable remixes and mash-ups of songs I already know or EDM that should be reserved for when I’m drunk and enthusiastic.

Although, sometimes the site pulls through and delivers some great stuff. Let me introduce my new friends Django Django, a UK-based foursome – no, not Coldplay. Not Oasis. No, not the Beatles, either. Anyway, a UK-based foursome who I suppose fall into the alt-pop category. When plowing through their recently released self-titled album, they sound like a weird mix of Dan Deacon, Vampire Weekend, Only Son, Caribou, Tame Impala and the Beta Band. Maybe the fitting genre would be something like electro-pop-NorthAfrican-folk-rock? Eh.

Anywho, I am enjoying them and will share them with you now. The bait that reeled me in was “Firewater” which is below… It’s a bit more bluesy than the other songs from Django Django.

The next is “Default”:

And if you still like what you heard, try “Love’s Dart”:



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