Good/New: Watch The Duck


Saw these guys last night at Santos Party House (venue owned by Andrew W.K. in the Lower East Side), where they were supporting .

Atlanta’s Watch The Duck claim to be “black music on Molli,” having created “rub-a-dub,” or R&B + dubstep. Before the show, I couldn’t have told you what that meant, but now I understand. Watch the video for “Poppin’ Off” and maybe you will too.

Their live show was a major WTF-fest. The three guys onstage wore high-waisted shorts over leggings, sweatshirts unzipped to their ribs and top hats. Behind them were stuttering video clips from South Park, Eddie Murphy movies and random bits of TV that worked well with the “rub-a-dub” music but still managed to be fucking weird. Oh, and that dancing duck in the video? Onstage, in the crowd, everywhere. In any case, Watch The Duck were fun, and it’s hard to get a New York crowd excited over anything.


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